Why should I?

So yesterday morning I woke due to the sun shining in my eyes, realizing I hadn’t set an alarm from the night before I began to panic. “What time is it!?” I shout to my husband, who is barely awake, rummaging through the bed to find his phone. My husband says 7:30am. There goes my morning routine out the window. I asked him if the schools closed due to snow which he said no and proceeded to wake up my kindergarten kid. I proceed to waste ten more minutes to get lunches just to realize it was cancelled.

7:45am and I am not dressed, first client at 8am my mind floats into overdrive. I begin to throw some leggings on and paste my fake eyelashes on my eye balls bulging out of my head because of the race I am in with time and trying to look professional for my job. I looked in the mirror and asked why I shouldn’t just call off.

I began to start falling victim to my circumstance, wallowing in self pity because I am in school, working, being a mom and trying to keep up. Then I hit me: WHY SHOULD I?

Have you ever flipped your perspective? Like looking half empty half full scenarios. I am blessed to have an education and passion for my population I serve everyday. I am a resource that helps better members of my community just because of the empathetical, and transparent point of view I have to offer.

I am a mother. What example do I set if I choose wallowing in my fortunate circumstance and choose to accept defeat when faced with challenge. I need to be that guide for my girls to show we push through tough overwhelming times not let them eat us.

I am a student, who almost dropped out her first year of college because she didn’t know she had a passion until she had to go through her own pain. I am now in the honors society and maintaining a 3.945 GPA. So WHY SHOULD I?

I should because I may be overwhelmed for now, but this feeling won’t last forever. I need to push through and stay motivated because I have come to far to slow down now. I don’t know why you took the time to read this today, but if you’re feeling defeated, deflated, or just exhausted and wanting to take a break ask yourself WHY YOU SHOULD push through and not give up. Today might be tough but who knows what we can take from today to make a better tomorrow.

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  2. I just said those words to mike yesterday. I just CANT anymore. I’m TIRED. Too much chaos. Too much stress. Too much drama and I am drained. Then i saw this and it set my life back into perspective. Love you girl

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