Stop Saying Motherhood is Hard

“If moms were paid for all the jobs they do,” “moms are the glue,” “it’s not lost until mom can’t find it.” Just STOP…

We all know moms have their hands full. Juggling household chores, sometimes jobs, running the household schedules, cooking, shopping, oh…and taking care of the kids..etc. etc.!

It’s a lot. And we all know it’s a lot. And we talk…a lot…about it being a lot. But can we stop?

Thank you for acknowledging that moms have full plates…no…overflowing plates. But noticing it is one thing…who is doing something about it?

Hey husband…I’m talking to you. Offer to put the baby to sleep tonight. Not so your wife can clean up the kitchen and not so she can shower. Put the baby to bed tonight so your wife can do absolutely nothing! Give her space.

Hey boss…I’m talking to you. That woman you’ve just shaken your finger at because she’s 15 minutes late. She’s actually been up since 5 AM packing lunches, preparing breakfast, coordinating outfits (not hers) brushing teeth (also not hers), packing book bags…and all the other things to make sure her family is prepared BEFORE throwing on clothes (trying to look professional but running out of time)…dropping the kids off and running into the office. Give her a break.

Hey rude guy…I’m talking to you. That woman you just flipped off as you sped passed on the highway has a car full of babies. Babies that are currently fighting in the backseat. Babies that are yelling and throwing French fries at each other. So…sorry she’s going ten miles under the speed limit…but lay off. Give her time.

Hey cellphone customer support lady…I’m talking to you. The woman on the other end of the phone that’s crazy stressed out and snippy with you…yea she’s having a hard time. Her kids are likely creating a hella mess in the other room. She’s locked away in her bedroom pacing back and fourth trying to answer your questions while simultaneously rocking the baby to sleep. She’s tired...stressed…likely hungry…and in desperate need of a shower. Give her grace.

  • Dishes, laundry, sweep, mop…should I be using natural cleaner? When should I schedule time to clean the toilets? Where are the girls dance tights? Do they need new shoes?
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner…am I feeding them healthy enough food? What did I set out for dinner? Am I encouraging healthy eating habits?
  • School, homework…did I pay preschool tuition already this month? Did I turn the kids’ book in for their book exchange? Have I donated our candy for their holiday party?
  • Schedules, family time… did I order grandma’s Christmas gift? When is cousin’s Birthday party again? When is the girls’ next doctor’s appointment?
  • Bills…I need to reset passwords again so they’re stronger. Did we set aside all the money for property taxes?
  • Work…did I turn in that report? I need to set aside time just to be creative.
  • Etc. Did I turn in the warranty for that gift? Did we get animal food? Are the animals warm enough? I need to start eating better. I wish I had time to work out. My hair really needs cut…

A mother’s ‘to do’ list is never ending. We all know this because we all talk about it. It’s essentially become just part of the “normal” in our society. But, the thing is…that just isn’t right. It’s not right at all and it’s time to stop simply giving mothers a nod and instead start giving us a hand.

Motherhood is hard. Yes…we know that. But, can we start focusing on how to change that? On how to help mom?

Just because she CAN do it all on her own doesn’t mean she should HAVE to. And it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Moral of the story…open your eyes. See some slack…pick it up. Don’t just walk over it in the middle of the floor assuming mom will just take care of it.

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