Embracing Motherhood One Day at a Time – My top 3 tips.

As a Momma of 2 and one on the way, I… get… it! Motherhood can be a bit messy at times to say the least!

We have those moments where we have the nice sweet Mary Poppins voice and then 5 minutes later the crazy loud Batman voice arrives.

Can you relate? Motherhood at its finest.

  • I have learned to embrace each and every moment of motherhood.
  • The bad, the ugly, the good the happy, the sad and all that in between.
  • We are going to have some bad days thrown in there with the good.
  • That doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom!
  • We all have those days when we just want to pull our hair out and scream.
  • But those good days, filled with sweet moments and little kisses on the nose shine more over the bad days!
  • You got this momma!

Here are my top 3 tips to help you embrace the mom life:

1.  Be Present

  • Put the phone down.
  • The dishes and laundry can wait.
  • Take the time to be fully present with your kids.
  • Listen to them, play with them, engage and spend that one-on-one time that they need.
  • They are going to remember the times you get down on the floor at their level and actually play with them and engage! Play barbies and mermaids for the 4,756th time. Build a zoo or car show with your son like it’s the first time.
  • Showing excitement encourages their little minds to wonder and expand.


2.  Give Grace & Listen

Now I’m not going to lie, this one can be a tough one and may take some practice to get use too but it’s definitely worth the time it takes.

  • I know we as moms can easily get frustrated when we hear yelling or crying of any kind.
  • Like really!? Not again.. I’ve been there many times.
  • But I’ve learned if I give grace, I stay calm and I listen to their issues, concerns, ask questions and really dig into the reason for the chaos then we can come to a solution together and get over the hiccup sooner rather than draw it all out and make a big deal of something.
  • You never fully know what’s going on inside their little heads. So take the time to listen to them they will eventually open up to you and in turn show more respect.

3. Take time to Breath with “me time”

Mommas need a little “me time” to recoup and freshen up! You can only give if you have something in your cup! So take the time needed to fill your cup first (not selfish at all) so that in turn you can fill others up.

Whether it be a:

  • Solo trip to Target with Starbucks in hand
  • A nice day at the spa getting a little pampered (Check out our Deal Page)!
  • Even some quiet downtime with a good book a snack and a Hallmark movie, (now we are talking!) do what makes you happy!

Make the time for yourself, you deserve it!

Self-care & self-love is so important and 
makes a huge impact on how you are around others.


You got this momma!

Embrace Motherhood 1 Day at a Time.


Let Newsymom help you plan some activities for the kids.  It’s great to break the day up! Look at our calendar- Type the name of your county in the Search Bar!

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