Listen Up! It’s Time to Talk With Your Teen About Alcohol

Some conversations with your teen can be difficult, but openly talking about underage drinking is essential in keeping your child healthy and safe.

This informational campaign comes to you in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition.

It may seem like your teen isn’t listening or paying attention, but talking openly and honestly with them about underage alcohol consumption is more important than you realize. Parents play a key and powerful role in influencing their children’s behavior.

You can help deter underage drinking- statistics prove parents have a significant impact.

  • Talk with your teen about the dangers of drinking
  • Model responsible behavior- both when drinking and in general
  • Have regular conversations with your teen about their life and interests

Additionally, get to know your teen’s friends and their friend’s parents. Connect with those parents and discuss how you can all play an active role in discouraging teen drinking.

Always supervise parties and encourage your teen to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Never provide your teen or other teens with alcohol, and create a safe and honest line of communication about alcohol with your teenager.

If your teen finds him or herself in an uncomfortable situation, give them the tools and the language to escape the peer pressure without repercussion:

  • “No thanks. I’m driving tonight.”
  • “My parents would ground me for life if I came home with liquor on my breath!”
  • “Ew. I don’t like the taste of that beer/wine/drink.”

For more information on underage drinking and alcohol in general, visit

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