Why your child might start drinking

Why your child might start drinking?

Change is hard no matter your age, children in their teen years experience emotional and physical changes that are not easy.  In a world that we worry about fitting in and being liked, how do you address this before its too late.  Many decide to experiment with substances like alcohol.  As an adult will you be ready to discuss this?

Major influences in children’s lives are Stress, Peer Pressure, Transitions in life, Environment, and Genetics.

Things that can be done to help with the influences are:

  • Encourage them to get involved in extracurricular activities
  • Encourage them that Making healthier choices to cope with stress helps more
  • Boost their confidence by encouraging them in a positive way
  • Remind them about real friends
  • Remember between 11 and 18 years old an impressionable time of their life
  • Reassure them that things will get easier
  • Make sure they are well aware that alcohol is not the answer to problems
  • Choose to be responsible when drinking around your child
  • And don’t forget that children are always watching so set a good example at all times
  • Have honest and open discussions with them
  • Take the time to talk to insure they understand how serious the disease of addiction is

Remember stress, peer pressure, transitions, environment, and genetics look different in every kid’s lives and happen at all different ages.  It’s important as a parent or adult role model to be prepared to check off the lists and be ready for this discussion about Underage Drinking.

This week’s awareness campaign brought to you in partnership with The Tuscarawas Anti-Drug Coalition.

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