Write a Letter to Santa or Adopt a Family This Christmas via USPS Operation Santa (One Day Left!)

Write a Letter to Santa or Adopt a Family This Christmas via USPS Operation Santa – It’s the holiday season, and if your kids haven’t written their letters to Santa, now’s the time to get them out! Find out how to write a letter to Santa or how to adopt a child’s letter right here on Newsymom!

The holiday season is here! Here at Newsymom, we’re counting down the days until the jolly man-with-the-bag comes by for a visit, leaving goodies for all our little ones.

To help the Big Guy out, the United States Postal Service is hosting USPS Operation Santa, collecting all the letters for Santa and making them available to some very generous strangers to adopt families for Christmas. If you’ve been struggling this holiday season, consider submitting a letter with your little one ASAP!

How To Write Santa a Letter

To write a letter to Santa, follow these tips:

Follow these tips for writing a letter to Santa this season! You can also visit online by clicking this link: USPS Operation Santa – Write a Letter

What to Include in the Letter

When you’re writing these with your kids, make sure to tell Santa:

  • All about the year you’ve been having. (He knows what’s going on, but it’s very therapeutic for you to share the challenges you’ve been through!)
  • Include clothes and shoe sizes, brands, colors, and preferred styles
  • Your child’s name, your name, address, etc. (All identifying information is hidden from the public!)

How to Address the Letter

To address the letter, deck out the envelope with your kids’ creativity! Then when the letter’s all sealed up, put your name and address in the top left corner for the return address.

Make the letter out to:
Get this out ASAP, as they must be postmarked by December 12 (today)! Don’t forget the stamp!

Adopt a Letter for Christmas

To spread the holiday spirit, you can adopt a letter this Christmas! Visit USPS Operation Santa and click on the “Adopt a Letter” button. You’ll be able to scroll through letters written by kids all over with their wishes this holiday season.

All personal information is blurred out to protect individuals, but you’ll be able to send them the gifts they’re counting on from our jolly giant man in red!

Here at Newsymom, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Melissa Klatt


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