St Patrick's Day activity for school aged kids.

You child will love this rhyming game for St Patrick’s Day.

Make this St Patrick’s Day fun and educational for your child with a clover treasure hunt and rhyming game. Check out the free printable too!

St Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday for both adults and children.

From catching leprechauns to chasing rainbows, the opportunities are endless. That’s what makes St Patrick’s Day so magical.  To challenge your child, while making it special, you can create a treasure hunt and rhyming game with clovers. You can use the clover printable at the end of this too!

All you need to do is get clovers of any kind. There’s foam ones you can buy at craft stores. Then cut them out.

Figure out rhyming words that you’d like your child to work on. You can find a big list of them here. Once the clovers are cut out, write how many words you’d like on the clovers.

Next, hide them around your house.

Once your child finds all of them. They can put together the words the rhyme together. When they get a pair right, you can reward them with leprechaun gold. This could be tokens from the store or change you have around the house.

For a prize, you can make them a special treat, like Lucky Charms Marshmallow bars, or whatever else encourages your child.

If you’re wondering how you can modify this game if your child has rhyming down, try writing different words to challenge them to make a sentence. It could be a fun game to see if you two can create the same sentence with the words you choose.

Now, if your child is younger, you might want to write the alphabet on the clovers. Then they can put their ABCs in the correct order.

No matter what you choose to do, your child will love making this memory with you.

St Patrick's Day Clover Printable

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