Your baby will love creating this Valentine’s Day craft!

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to capture your love bug. Gather up a few supplies and create art you’ll be able to remember for years.

A great way to document your baby’s growth in the first year is to get their footprints. This can seem like a tricky task, but it’s so worth it.

This Valentine’s Day craft allows you to get their footprint and turn it into something cute. You can frame this and showcase it every year. It also can be used to make cards for loved ones.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Construction paper
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sponge
  • Scissors
  • Permanent market
  • Baby wipes

Before getting into how to do this, you should know there’s no ‘perfect’ footprint. Like with many things in motherhood, the most perfect things aren’t always textbook ‘perfect.’ Just have fun with this. The little mistakes on the page are just as adorable.

First, get everything ready before painting your child’s foot. This might seem like an obvious, but it’s happened before.

Get whatever color construction paper that will fit perfectly for your project. In sticking with Valentine’s Day, purple, pink, or white would be cute! Then get your paint ready. It’s also nice to have baby wipes or a wash cloth to wipe paint off.

Their footprint can be any color, but it really sticks out with red.

Cover the bottom of your baby’s foot with paint. Then start pressing it on the paper. It’s a good idea to have multiple papers out. You’ll be able to get more footprints, which again can be made into gifts or cards.

Once you have all your footprints, clean your baby off. Painted footprints are cute on paper, not so cute all over the floor.

Let the footprints dry.

While they’re drying, take a sponge and cut a heart out of it. This will be used to make the wings.

When the footprints are dry. Pour out paint to make the wings. You can use any color you think looks best! Then, dip the sponge in the paint and put two hearts, on either side of the footprint.

The footprint will be the body, which will sit in the middle of the heart wings.

When everything is dried, you can add a face to your love bug or add glitter to wings. Feel free to add a cute saying around it too.

Whatever you do to make it yours, it will look perfect. And you’ll always be able to look back to see how little your love bug was on their first Valentine’s Day.

If you give this one a try we want to know how it goes for you! Send your feedback, photos, etc. to

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