Your toddler’s whining is science

Whining toddler is something every parent has encountered at least once, and if it’s only been once…share your secrets!

It turns, according to Reuters, people tend to perceive winning, which peaks when kids are between 2 and 4-years-old, as one of the most distracting sounds on the planet. It’s even been categorized as being more annoying than a screeching sound on wood, crying, heavy drilling, and the notorious nails-on-a-chalkboard sound.

Here are 5 reasons, according to Dr. Jessica Michaelson, kids whine.

  1. Dr. Michaelson suggests that one of the most common reasons kids whine is because they are really tired and need your help. This kind of whining happens when kids get stressed, hungry, thirsty, tired, or overwhelmed. This is especially common during a change in routine. Your kiddo may need a nap, water, milk, a snack, a diaper change, etc. And they are following right in line with predictions made by science. The SAGE Journals indicate that when you whine, you tend to get people’s attention (and resources) much faster than when you don’t. We’ve all heard it, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”
  2. Your child may be looking for more connection or positivity. Some researchers argue that your child’s whining may indicate he needs more connection. One-on-one time with your little one may alleviate the whining. The U.S. Library of Medicine suggests that there is more whining taking place when the family environment is negative or conflictual.
  3. Wining may be their only way to express how they feel. Research from the U.S. Library of Medicine indicates that whining, not just crying, is another way for children to express sadness or disappointment.
  4. Your little one may have a sensitive or feisty temperament. The Center on Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning indicates three types of temperament:
    1. Easy or flexible
    2. Active or feisty
    3. Slow to warm or cautious



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