🌱Dig-up 4 Freebies in April with Garden-2-Go-Kits!🌱

Canton, Ashland, Massillon & New Philadelphia, dig-up 4 Freebies in April with Garden-2-Go-Kits to boost family gardening ideas! 
Do you need a boost for family gardening ideas this April🌾?  Lowe’s has your family project covered with Garden-2-Go-Kits.  On March 25, 2021 Lowe’s released information regarding their “SpringFest.”  Throughout the whole month of April, Lowe’s is having a spring event where they are giving away free Garden-to-Go kits each Thursday.  You must register online at Lowes.com beginning on April 1st.  Kits can be picked up curbside and are free memory makers and yard beautifiers for the whole family.

The Garden-2-Go kits contain a variety of seeds from vegetables, to flowers, plants and trees!

Pickup dates are Thursday:
🥕 April 8th   1st kit will come with recipes from Amanda Frederickson
🌼 April 15     2nd kit will come with mystery seeds
🌿 April 22    3rd kit will come with tree saplings
🌱April 29     4th kit will come with seeds for a butterfly garden

Most Lowe’s are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, but check your local store as times may vary.

These kits will allow everyone in the family to engage with one another no matter their age.  From the littles who will enjoy digging and looking for worms, you can incorporate counting seeds, sorting by shape or color, and arranging them from smallest to largest.  Bring a clipboard and blank paper outside to have your children draw the process of planting a seed and what they predict the seed will grow into.  Parents may even encourage kids to track the progress of their seeds weekly or conduct an experiment where seeds are given different drinks other than water and see how they grow!

4 and under:

9-5 yrs.:

10 and up:

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