4 Ways You Can Be More Involved In Your Child’s Education

Every parent wants their child to succeed at school, but unfortunately, you can’t sit next to them during Math, English, or Music to guide them through their studies, and they likely wouldn’t want you there, anyway.

This can make many parents feel they are not fully involved in their child’s education. So, how can parents be more involved? Here are four useful and effective ways to consider. 

Stay In Touch With Their Teacher 

Your child’s teacher is always an important figure in their education. Without them, your child would not have the confidence or the skills they have developed so far. 

And many parents will engage with their children’s teachers, but many also go about it the wrong way. Rather than send an email or message every minute of every day, you must consider the smart way to talk to teachers, which means being available to talk without being overbearing. You should also remember that their teacher is looking out for them and wants them to succeed, so do not be negative or aggressive, as this will make it difficult to build a positive relationship. 

Volunteer Around the School 

If you want to build a rapport with the teacher, principal, and even other parents, consider how you can help out around the school. There are plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved that won’t embarrass their kids, such as being part of fundraising or bake sales or even assisting in tropical classroom decorations that can boost engagement in the classroom. 

Typically, this approach is more common when your kids are younger, and it’s a great way to learn how to act in a school environment. As much as you are a parent, you are also there to help, so remember that you need to look out for all of the students, not just your own. 

Get Up To Date With the Curriculum

Keeping up with the curriculum is something many parents ignore, but it should be readily available, or you can request it from the teacher at the beginning of the year. 

This allows you to know what your children are studying, monitor their progress, and will also contribute to a more productive homework routine without giving your child all of the answers. You may need to brush up on some subjects, but it will be worth it. 

Follow The School Online

As much as people will criticize social media, there are some benefits, especially when it comes to your school’s social media pages and staying up to date on different events or issues. 

Your child may forget to hand over forms for parent-teacher meetings or school trips, so by following the school on different platforms, you can stay up to date and make sure you (and your child) never miss something important. 


You won’t be able to sit beside your kids and guide them through the trickier parts of algebra or biology, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still be a part of their life at school and give them the support they need to be their very best. While you mustn’t be too overbearing, you can look for ways to be present in their education, which can help you to help them more than anyone thought possible. 


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