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5 Benefits of Working with Kids

If you’ve ever felt called to work with children and encourage their education, now is the time to pursue it!

This campaign is brought to you by SCCAA Head Start.

You can become a Head Start educator today! The benefits of working with children are endless!

  1. Your days will always be filled with adventure. Kids are unpredictable. They’re sure to keep you on your toes and teach YOU something new.
  2. Working alongside children is rewarding and meaningful. Seeing kids learn new things and practice new skills is incredibly rewarding.
  3. Kids keep you young. Getting down on the ground to play, bending over to help with a game, and running after young children are sure to keep you young.
  4. Your job will always be in demand. There will always be kids to teach. Providing education and guidance for children is a job that won’t expire.
  5. You will learn new skills and maybe improve your own parenting. Working with kids is a practice in patience, understanding, and empathy. You might even pick up new skills to apply to your parenting toolbelt.

If you’re interested in a meaningful career working with kids, consider Head Start!

SCCAA Head Start not only provides a rewarding career, but also offers good pay, comprehensive benefits, and supportive managers. Visit to see employment opportunities.

SCCAA Head Start is a nationally recognized program aimed at children in Stark County, ages 0 to 5, with a focus on kindergarten readiness. With a 5 Star Step Up to Quality Rating at all of our SCCAA locations, Head Start is a unique educational and wellness program that instills an early love of learning in children. For more information, visit or call 330-456-6218.

Audrey Mattevi, Reporting

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