Back to Self-Care at Belden Village Mall

Back-to-school? No, back to self-care. I feel judged, don’t judge me. Hear me out, when is the last time that you were intentional about taking care of yourself? As mothers, we often forget about our own needs while taking impeccable care of those around us and still thinking that we could have done a better job. I am guilty too! If you’re still trying to remember the last time that you focused on yourself, grab your keys and your purse or wallet and head to Belden Village Mall.

There is something for everyone at Belden Village Mall. Stop by Pandora and grab a charm that represents you, and not you as a mother but you. Check out Loft if you need to find some casual pieces for a girl’s night out. No plans for a girl’s night out—call up your friends and plan one, no, really, do it now, do it right now. After you have picked out the perfect outfit, drop by the fragrance department at Dillard’s to pick out the perfect fragrance that doesn’t resemble spit-up, fruit snacks, or dried cereal. I highly recommend I Want Choo by Jimmy Choo.

As you wrap up back-to-school preparations, don’t forget to take care of yourself! I am an advocate for self-care, especially for mothers. You cannot pour from an empty cup so if you only pour into your children’s cups what happens to you when they leave the nest?

Be intentional about pouring into yourself; you’re already doing a great job pouring into everyone else. A good starting point is a little retail therapy, pssshh, Macy’s at Belden Village has a Backstage upstairs with some great bargains. Grab your keys, and purse or wallet and head to Belden Village Mall so that you can experience it all!

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