Action this day

Winston Churchill once said, “Action this Day.” This three-word saying has meant different things to me in different seasons of my life. This has been a unique season and has given this saying a unique meaning.

I have taken the word action to mean physically doing something. Actioning a day once meant going places and doing things. Have we ridden our bikes, walked the dogs or gone swimming? Have I run the vacuum, folded the laundry or made dinner? Action is a verb, right? So, I needed to have physical movement to check actioning the day off my list.

There was a season where actioning a day meant standing up to a social injustice. When I began to learn about human trafficking action meant educating others, interviews and speaking engagements. It meant helping to start a 501c3 to help further fight for those affected and helping to spare (hopefully) more from ever being affected. Action became a social movement. Action was helping those who have temporarily lost their voice find it again. Action was trying to right wrongs.

Action now a days is more of an inner journey. Things have become slower and have more meaning. As individuals, this year has been a year of extreme inner growth and reflection. I have taken the daily action of clearing head and heart space. For far to long I had been carrying around past hurts, unwanted anger, and outdated beliefs. I now make a conscious effort every day to clear some of this space and return to the me that I strive for.

I have also taken the action of setting goals in all areas of my life. With this slower pace I have found that many parts of me had been neglected or just plain forgotten. I am taking active steps to nurture and restore those parts to wholeness. It is easy when we become moms to push these parts aside. However, I have noticed that the more I nourish those parts the better Mother I become. And what an example that is to our children. A parent that cares for their needs and takes time for themselves. What a legacy to give permission to the next generation to self-care!

Action is now physical, mental and emotional. It is taking all the parts that make up Nikki and making them at peace with one another. It is no longer how much or even what I do. It is how I do things. Action is no longer found in the fastness of my life but in the slowness. Action is deeply personal. So, as I “action this day” I will grow and I will not be the same me tomorrow, because I chose to action today!

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