Back to School the Safe and Healthy Way

It’s that time of year when everyone is rushing around to get back to school after a summer of activities or staycations. Now that it is time to get into a routine of back-to-school life. Let’s take a look at some safe and healthy ways to get back into the groove. Read on to learn more about look at the checklist.

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When it comes to health:

  • Get kids up to date on all recommended vaccines. A person can look at the CDC recommendations here or ask their primary care physician.
  • Help kids make healthy food choices.
  • Make sure your child is getting a full night’s sleep on school nights.
  • Encourage kids to stay active and join a club or team.
  • Review the state and school districts requirements for children’s physicals.

When it comes to safety:

  • Talk about bus safety with kids.
  • If the child walks make sure they know the route, and how to use crosswalks.
  • Encourage an open conversation about COVID-19. Some questions one could ask:
    • Does the child want to wear a face-covering even if the school doesn’t require it?
    • What precautions does the youth want to take that the school may not be taking?
    • Does the child, if they are old enough, want to get the vaccine?

Some of these are easier topics to discuss than others, but all are important for setting up a healthy and safe school year. Good luck everyone!

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