BBBSECO encourages students to enroll in school-based mentoring programs

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio is encouraging Tuscarawas and Carroll
County students to enroll in school-based mentoring programs.

School-based programs this year launched in October and while programs look slightly different than in years
past, the value remains the same. “Our school-based mentoring programs allow us to meet kids where they are,” explained BBBS CEO Beverly Pearch. “The program makes valuable and impactful mentoring relationships even more accessible and realistic.”

Districts participating in the school-based program this year include Brown Local, Carrollton, Dover, Claymont,
Newcomerstown, Tusky Valley, and Strasburg. Children not in a partner district can still participate in the program through weekly virtual mentoring sessions with opportunities for in-person meetings as well, with KSU students. There are four mentoring delivery models available allowing participants to choose what works for them and what they are most comfortable with.

In-Person: Children will attend the site-based program in-person. The site-based program will take place at the
school/site-building at the same day and time each week.

Synchronous Remote: Children will participate remotely from home with access to the live in-person session
through an online platform. These are also known as BBBS ‘Blue Jeans Meetings.’ Activities will be provided
through Form Assembly and an email address is required to receive program materials. Children are asked to
commit to weekly sessions at scheduled times.

Flexible Remote: Children can communicate with their mentors via the platform, Flip Grid. The child is required to send one video per week through the virtual platform and activities are provided through Form Assembly. An email address is also required in order for participants to receive program materials. The model, however, does not require children to attend sessions at scheduled times and they can send videos as their schedules allow.

No Internet Remote: Families interested in having their students participate through this delivery model can
contact the BBBS team for additional details.

The 2020-2021 curriculum will focus on social-emotional learning competencies throughout the year such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, goal-directed behavior, optimistic thinking, and more.

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