Get the Most Out of Your Students; 5 Practical Ways

Having your students operating in their maximum capacity goes a long way in growing them holistically. However, challenging them to do their best in every area of their life requires extrinsic motivations as they may lack intrinsic motivation and self-drive.

You may have to incorporate some strategies into your teaching practices to give your students the chance to be their best and also cultivate friendships with them. Building friendships with your students will make you aware of any changes in their lives, including mental issues.  Here are a few ways you can get them to do more.

First Get the Most Out of Yourself

As their teacher, begin by getting the most out of yourself. You do not want to be the teacher that preaches water and drinks wine.

Once you understand and accept your critical role as a teacher, you will always strive to better yourself and grow progressively. Therefore, you may need to apply some strategies to your lesson plans like:

  • Pair up your students in groups, pairs, and sometimes letting them work individually
  • Use a variety of resources for your lessons that maximize their details and ensure proper organization
  • Divide the class into smaller segments for teaching purposes. You can also teach the class as a whole or teach each student individually
  • Make your class enjoyable by adding music and movement into your learning concepts
  • Take videos of your lessons to make the material easily accessible to your students
  • Incorporate peer teaching where you get your students to do some tasks, making them feel like experts

Entrust Your Students With Tasks

When you entrust your students with tasks, whether supervised or not, you show them that you are confident in them. For instance, when you want to raise money for your school, you can give your students tasks like distributing fliers, arranging the meeting halls, supply guests with drinks and beverages on the fundraising day, to mention a few.

Make Learning Meaningful

You can incorporate stories and metaphors that your students can relate to, to bring your content to life. You can also include relevant links to their backgrounds, goals, or interests.

Expect the Best From Your Students

When you have low expectations of your students, you limit them and cause them not to push themselves. It is vital to expect only the best from them because, as a teacher, you know their strengths and weaknesses, and you are in a better position to encourage and cheer them on.

Believe in Them

It is essential to let your students know that you believe in them. Communicating this to them helps develop a growth mindset and attitude,  especially if you learn to praise them for their effort rather than ability. It is also important to value persistency over perfection.


When you embrace your role as a teacher and its significance in the lives of your students, you will go all out to value your time with them and guide them toward becoming the best version of themselves.


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