‘Begin’ – Trolls World Tour shares a unique approach to the importance of inclusion

(Ohio) – “Denying our differences is denying the truth of who we are.”

Who knew a children’s movie full of colors, trolls, and tons of humor could actually be sharing an important message with all who watch it? Well, that’s exactly what Trolls World Tour does and that is why the animated film is this month’s recommendation for Newsymom’s ‘Begin’ series.

Trolls World Tour is the animated sequel to Trolls and follows the journey of Pop Trolls as they discover about other music genres that exist in their world by meeting Country Trolls, Funk Trolls, Jazz Trolls and all kinds in between. Released back in March when lockdowns were just beginning, the picture became a streaming sensation as parents searched for ways to keep their kids occupied. But, this bit of screentime overload can be guilt-free as the seemingly only entertaining focused flick packs a much more meaningful punch.

Throughout the movie, the main character, Queen Poppy, (voiced by Anna Kendrick) is forced to expand her own views on diversity and work to become more inclusive. This is all to accomplish an overarching goal that benefits all Trolls and unite the kingdom.

A few quotes from, believe it or not, this children’s movie:

Denying our differences is denying the truth of who we are. -King Quincy

So whether your song is sad or heartfelt, loud and defiant, or warm and funky, or even if you’re a little bit of each. It’s all these sounds and all our differences that make the world a richer place. Because you can’t harmonize alone.  -Poppy

So, pop some popcorn, throw on some PJs, and gather the family in the living room to be entertained and enriched all while listening to great tunes and indulging in some guilt-free screentime!

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