Big changes happening on the Tusky Valley campus

(Mineral City, Ohio) – School officials are announcing big changes planned for 2021 on the grounds of the Tusky Valley Middle and High School!

Officials stated in a recent social media update that construction crews will soon be on-site to begin preliminary work on the new 7-12th grade school building site. Tree clearing is expected to begin in late January or early February on the hill adjacent to the Middle School.

Beginning in March, so long as the weather cooperates, contractors will start moving and grading the dirt to prepare the area for the future building footprint. The displaced dirt will then be spread on the farmland that is directly adjacent to the school property, per an agreement with the landowner, Mrs. Reed. The major construction work for the building will then commence at some point this coming summer.

Officials expect project completion in 2023. More information is expected to be provided to parents, staff, and students in the future, which will include a visual site plan and timeline of the construction activities on campus.


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