Childcare Provider Training

Let your little one’s childcare provider or teacher know that Coad4kids has enlightening professional development training available in June!

Helping hands comes to you in partnership with COAD4Kids 

Coad4kids is offering childcare providers an opportunity for online evening courses.  There are even some classes that are free.

Childcare Provider Training

Coad4Kids Childcare Provider Trainings

There are a variety of classes offered for childcare providers who watch after your infant, toddler, preschooler, school-age, and to those running the finances.

  • All of the classes are currently done in real-time online over zoom.  With live classes, this allows for immediate questions and feedback.
  • Coad4kids has child care specialists who have the most up-to-date information to train teachers who work at in-home daycares,  preschools, head starts, and early childhood centers.
  • Classes are between 2 and 2.5 hours long.

Childcare Provider Training

Upon signing up for classes, childcare providers are able to immediately view the course’s goals and objectives.

Gaining Insight

In June, childcare provider training gains knowledge about:

  • Developing content for infant and toddler lesson plan using the 5 phase process of planning.
  • Identifying what family engagement means and 5 protective factors.
  • Environment rating scales used in early childhood, afterschool, and family child care programs.
  • Benefits of a developmental screener.
  • How the Ages and Stages Questionaire (ASQ) data is gathered, interpreted, and used.
  • Quality strategies for sharing with parents about their child’s ASQ and learning at least 2 community resources for referrals, if needed.
If you are a teacher or childcare provider- consider taking a course with Coad4Kids! 
If you are a parent, perhaps share these courses with your child's teacher.

Stay on the lookout with Newsymom for upcoming FREE Parenting Courses as well.


Childcare Provider Training

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