Five Qualities Great Childcare Providers Possess

Five Qualities Great Childcare Providers Possess – Tuscarawas County is in desperate need of quality care providers. Do you have what it takes to be a great childcare provider? Learn more about these qualities right here on Newsymom!

Helping hands comes to you in partnership with COAD4Kids. 

Have you ever had someone tell you any of the following:

“You’re so wonderful with kids!”

“You’re so patient.”

“Kids must love you!”

Or anything similar?

If so, you could make a fabulous new childcare provider! COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia is helping anyone interested in a new career as a childcare provider to get started, absolutely free! There are tons of perks including, but not limited to:

  • Paid training while you pursue your CDA (Child Development Associate)
  • Coverage of your background check costs
  • First aid/CPR classes with a provided first aid kit that will meet the state’s standards
  • Purchasing equipment such as cots, high chairs, cribs, etc.

Five Qualities You Should Have Before Jumping Into childcare

Before you reach out to our friends at COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia, ask yourself if you possess the following five qualities:


Patience is key to working with children. As a childcare provider (or parent), you’re tested every moment of every day. Work on patience regularly, as this is a critical skill you need for working with kids!


In order to help each child meet their full potential, you’ll need to keep open lines of communication with them, their parents, and co-workers (if applicable). Develop a plan for their growth and keep working with kids and their parents to achieve goals for their growth!


Empathy is a massive tool to have in your corner when working with kids. You’ll need to be able to understand their feelings, especially when they don’t quite understand them!

Energy (Or Perhaps, Lots of Coffee)

Kids are ALWAYS on the go! Having energy is key to being able to keep up with them without losing your mind.


Staying up-to-date with the latest training techniques will help you to be the best childcare provider. To get started with training, COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia wants to help! Look into their Child Development Associate (CDA) program that can help people new to childcare get paid while pursuing your CDA!

If you’ve got what it takes to become a childcare provider, reach out to COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia! You can learn more about their programs to get you into the childcare field by reading any of the following articles:

Or, contact Kaylee Hambleton by calling her at (740) 856-7959 or shoot an email over to for more info. Keep following along at COAD4KidsNew Philadelphia on Facebook for the latest on childcare providers and these awesome programs helping mommas make money!

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