COAD4Kids Supplies New Childcare Providers with Tools for Their Business – For Free!

COAD4Kids Supplies New Childcare Providers with Tools for Their Business – For Free! – Childcare is in hot demand right now as parents are struggling to find affordable childcare for their little ones. To combat this major need, COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia has programs to help you get your new business started with free tools, resources, and help! Learn more about the details of their offerings right here on Newsymom!

Helping hands comes to you in partnership with COAD4Kids. 

Starting any new business can be tough, but when it comes to becoming a new childcare provider in Tuscarawas County, we’ve got you covered with the golden star of business-startup assistance: COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia.

They’ve got programs to help you start your new childcare provider business, absolutely free!

If you’ve been dreading your 9a-5p and looking for a meaningful way to spend more time with your kids as well as make money, becoming a provider could be the solution for you!

COAD4Kids Offers These Programs for Help In Your New Venture

COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia has a wealth of programs that can get you started. Check them out below:

Before Getting Licensed, Help to Determine If This Career Path is Right for You
    • COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia has information and resources to help you determine if this role is right for you. They’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to becoming licensed, obtaining the necessary classes and certifications, a walkthrough of the site, as well as providing you with sample daily routes and snack prep!
Get Paid To Earn Your CDA
  • Qualifying participants can get paid up to $13/hr. to earn their Child Development Associate, a certification you can take with you ANYWHERE nationwide. So if your plans are to move to another state in the future, this certification will follow you! Why is the CDA a good certification to have? Watch the video below for more info!

After Getting Licensed, They’ll Help You:
    • Refer families to you who are searching for care
    • Explore training opportunities to boost your knowledge and grow your business
    • Provide small business support and mentoring
COAD4KidsNew Philadelphia has phenomenal things in place to cover a lot of start-up expenses for you!

What are you waiting for?! Spend fewer hours away from your kiddos and more time building something of your own that allows you to enjoy these precious moments.

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