Becoming A Childcare Provider Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Becoming A Childcare Provider Doesn’t Have To Be Hard – There’s a huge misconception that starting your own child care business is really difficult. Thanks to our friends at COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia, the process couldn’t be outlined better! Learn more about starting your own childcare provider business right here on Newsymom!

Helping hands comes to you in partnership with COAD4Kids. 

Now couldn’t be more perfect for you to start your own childcare business in Tuscarawas County. Wait lists are as long as months in some cases, and lots of families are going out of county to take their kids to care! Childcare is something everyone needs – whether they’re trying to focus on work to provide for their families or just need some me-time away from the kids.

COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia Will Help You Get Started–For Free!

COAD4KidsNew Philadelphia has programs to help you start your childcare business! With their programs, you could:

  • Receive financial compensation for pursuing your Child Development Associate (CDA)
  • Receive assistance covering things such as your background check, CPR certification, and first aid kit!
  • Purchasing equipment such as cots, high-chairs, age appropriate toys, etc.

You Set Your Rates & Availability

The BEST perk of running your own business is you’re in the driver’s seat. As a childcare provider business owner, you set your rates and hours to how much you’d like to work. Thinking of going part time? No problem. Want to max the earning potential and do it full time? Go right ahead!

You also set your own rates! The cool thing is you’ll be getting paid weekly from JFS, and anything else not covered by JFS will be paid by the parents seeking care! So if JFS covers $130, but the total bill is $180, then the parents will pay you the difference. 

Learn More About Becoming a Provider

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COAD4KidsNew Philadelphia will help you get started on your new career! Reach out to them by calling (330) 364-8882.

And keep following along at COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia on Facebook for the latest on finding or becoming a childcare provider!

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