Conotton Valley to Install Metal Detectors

The Conotton Valley Union Local School District is moving forward with multiple safety and security measures.

In a letter to parents, district officials announced that when students return from spring break on April 2nd, they will be greeted with a significant safety upgrade in the form of metal detectors at the main entrance.

Additionally, school officials note they will also hire another Sheriff’s Deputy to monitor the main entrance. The deputy has been contracted through the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and will not be the same deputy every day, but those serving in the position will work under the direct supervision of the district’s School Resource Officer, Mr. Matt Grezlik.

“It hurts my heart that we are even having these types of conversations. However; we want to do everything we can to ensure our students are safe,” explained Superintendent Todd Herman.

All students, staff, and guests, will now be required to enter and exit through the main entrance of the building.

The procedure will also apply to all indoor sporting events.

“I realize that this will create a small delay entering the building, but I am sure you can agree that the safety of our students, staff and community members are worth the extra effort,” Superintendent Herman added.

Conotton Valley is the first school in the area to implement these changes.

Superintendent Herman went on to say, “I am not happy that the world has forced us into these changes, but I am excited about our little school in the valley becoming the safest school around.”

Parents and guardians are asked to talk to their children about the new procedures and to call the Superintendent directly with any questions, 740-269-2711.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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