Did You Know the American Cancer Society Lowered Screening Age of Colorectal Cancer to Age 45?

Did You Know the American Cancer Society Lowered Screening Age of Colorectal Cancer to Age 45? As of 2021, medical professionals are finding that more middle-aged Americans are seeing colorectal cancer cases on the rise! Colorectal cancer is preventable with proper screening. Find out the scoop on how to get yourself checked right here on Newsymom!

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When it comes to colorectal cancer, the earlier it’s caught, the earlier it can be treated! Colonoscopies are the best way to take a look at what’s going on and help remove precancerous polyps before they grow to be a problem for your health.

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Cases Among Middle-Aged Americans Is On the Rise

Headlining news is covering the stories of rising rates of colorectal cancer cases in people younger than 50, which is why the recommended age for screen (i.e. colonoscopies) was lowered from age 50 to age 45! (New guidelines lower colorectal screening age from 50 to 45, UChicagoMedicine.org)

There’s no need to panic; you can speak with your primary care physician about your concerns to see if screening is a good fit for you. Medical providers always recommend that anyone with colorectal cancer symptoms and/or with a history of colorectal cancer talk with their medical provider to see if a colonoscopy is recommended at an earlier age than 45. For most health insurance plans, a person will need a referral to a surgeon to get a colonoscopy. Of course, a person should always check with his/her insurance plan to make sure colorectal screenings are covered!

When in doubt, it’s always a good thing to consult with your doctor about what’s in your best interest!

How Can You Prevent Colorectal Cancer?

Like most illnesses, a balanced diet, exercise, staying hydrated, and keeping away from drugs and alcohol can only help! You unfortunately can’t help your genetics, but speaking with your care provider about an appropriate time for screening and sharing any symptoms you have is a great start!

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Check out this incredible story from Rick Rivers about how he was diagnosed with colon and kidney cancers:

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