DIY Home Projects – 5 Quick Tasks to Prepare for Winter

When preparing for winter this year, these 5 quick and easy DIY home project tasks will help keep you and your family safe.

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1. Change Ceiling Fan Rotation

This simple flip of a switch can keep the cool air away. With ceiling fans rotating clockwise at a slow speed, the air becomes less cool and drafty. The fan helps push the warm air around, keeping rooms warm and not trapped by the ceiling. This quick task will only take a few moments, but you’ll immediately notice the difference.

2. Pre-Purchase Salt and Sand

With freezing temperatures, salt and sand are a must to keep you and your family safe. To prevent anyone from slipping and falling, it’s important to have these two items beforehand. When you know it’s going to snow or freeze, sprinkle salt or sand on the sidewalk or porch to help give you much-needed traction. 

3. Keep Water Pipes Safe

Freezing temperatures can lead to pipes bursting. To help keep them safe, water can’t freeze in them. Some quick tasks you can do to avert this is to have your home over 55° F, insulate near entry points, and remove the garden hose outside. 

4. Change the Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s recommended that these batteries get changed every 6 months, but making sure it’s done before winter is crucial. Since your heating unit is on more in the winter, there’s a great chance of a house fire happening. There’s no better way to be safer than making sure you’re alerted if this tragedy happens. Just a reminder, smoke alarms should be in every room and hallways to help detect smoke or CO as soon as possible. 

5. Make a Survival Kit

In the case of power going out or not being able to get to the stores, having survival items is essential. Stock up on water bottles and non-perishable foods. It’s also a good idea to make sure your batteries have batteries and there are items like blankets to keep you warm. Being prepared in unthinkable moments will help make a scary situation much more manageable. 

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