Enjoy more Treats than Tricks this year

It’s easier during this time of year to be thinking up all the tricks to play on others, but remember to make time for the treats. During the Halloween season there are a lot of outdoor activities going on, candy passed out by strangers, and youth going to parties and places parents aren’t familiar with. This Halloween season stays safe with the treats but remember a few simple things to not get tricked by others. Read on to learn more about safety ideas.

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When participating in outdoor Halloween events such as trick or treat or amusement parks:
  • Make sure to have a buddy at all times
  • Walk with an adult or trusted peer
  • Let a parent or guardian know what neighborhood you will be in
  • Parents, make sure to pick a meet-up location and time
  • Wear some sort of reflective coloring if it is a night out.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street

Once everyone gets home from events where candy is passed out, make sure to inspect it all. Get rid of any that are already open, smell or look odd, or are misshapen. Do not eat any homemade treats from strangers.

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