Making Money as a Stay-At-Home-Mom

Making Money as a Stay-At-Home-Mom – It’s been tough to make money as a mom, with the rising costs of living such as child care, food, utilities, and gas for our cars! It IS possible to have it all: bring in an income while at home with your little ones. Learn how right here on Newsymom!

It’s stressful out here right now for us mommas. Here at Newsymom, we feel the pressure, too. The rising costs are getting WORSE and working for someone else in a 9am-5pm office setting, spending precious time away from our kids doesn’t sound even remotely appealing. Our time with our babies is precious.

Is This You?

If this feels like you, we’ve got something to help you bring in money to support your family, while keeping your littles under your watchful eye! Our friends at COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia are helping moms just like you start childcare right out of their homes, for free!

Gone are the days of trading time with your babies for wages that don’t match up to the cost of living. Be your own boss, work part- or full-time from home to fill a desperate need for childcare here in Tuscarawas County!

What They Can Help You With

COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia is helping anyone interested in a new career as a childcare provider to get started, absolutely free! There are tons of reasons why you should reach out, including some of the following:

  • Paid training while you pursue your CDA (Child Development Associate)
  • Coverage of your background check costs
  • First aid/CPR classes with a provided first aid kit that will meet the state’s standards
  • Purchasing equipment such as cots, high chairs, cribs, etc.
  • Writing off most food expenses incurred while operating a childcare out of your home
COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia wants to help you make money from your home! Reach out today, ask questions, and take the plunge into your new career in childcare.

What are you waiting for?! Don’t let the opportunity pass you by! Get paid to watch your little ones make friends, grow in front of your eyes, and never miss a beat. Reach out to COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia by calling (330) 364-8882, email, or visit for more information on your next step!

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