Everyone Can Save a Life!

As the calendar year rolls over many people start to focus on self-improvement, but what if a person’s self-improvement included saving someone’s life? January is National Blood Donor Month, which could not come at a better time as the supply is critically low. Read on to learn more about why becoming a blood donor is important, how to become one, and other ways to support if donating is not an option.

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Why is donating blood critical to others?
  • Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.
  • Type 0 blood is the most requested.
  • 38% of the U.S. is eligible to donate, and approximately only 10% donate.
  • A one-time blood donation can save multiple lives.
  • Donating blood does not just save someone that has an emergency. Cancer patients require ongoing blood transfusions, as do people on ECMO machines, burn patients, and sickle cell
How can a person become a donor?
  • Must be 16 years old in most states
  • Must weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Must be in good health and feeling well
  • Must schedule an appointment

The American Red Cross even has an app for that! A person can find out where local blood drives are happening, a local donation center, and schedule their appointment. Just download the app from the app store.

But some people are still not able to donate for a variety of reasons. So what can someone do to support blood donation?
  • Organize a blood drive! The American Red Cross has a tab on its website dedicated specifically to host a blood drive.
  • Volunteer at an already arranged blood drive.
  • Promote the importance of donating blood and utilize social media campaigns to do so.

Every person can play a role in spreading the message to encourage others to donate blood. Make sure to consult a doctor before donating.

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