Pandemic-Friendly Party Hacks for the DIY Momma

These pandemic-friendly party hacks will help you throw an awesome celebration that your kids will remember–while staying safe!


Okay, the last two years have been rough for parties and events. We’ve been doing the best we can to maintain some sense of normalcy, especially when it comes to our kids. The real challenge of motherhood lies in balancing everything we’ve got going on at home, sprinkling in some fun, AND ensuring it’s safe to do so no one gets sick.

It’s been difficult to navigate birthdays and celebrations during these trying times, but I’m here to say you can still have the best party yet! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, holiday, or a job well-done, ramp up the creativity and celebrate your kids in style with these hacks for pandemic-friendly parties. Read on to discover some ideas to help all DIY mommas make this the best year of celebrations yet–without compromising safety for our littles!

Party Ideas for Home-Based Parties

Keep your party super safe with an intimate gathering at home! Use these tips to make the memories last a lifetime.

    • Cupcake or cookie decorating party: Pre-make your child’s favorite cupcakes or cookies, but don’t decorate them! Use tiny dixie cups with your child’s favorite candies and toppings to have the best dessert-making party at home. 
    • Build a fort and watch a movie: Watch your littles get excited as you build the world’s greatest fort in the comfort of your own home! Depending on the weather, you can carry this idea outside if you have ample yard space and a projector or outdoor tv to display the movie outdoors. Show a movie, have a variety of snacks, and break out those board games you haven’t touched in awhile.
    • Have a photo party: Dig through your family photos and try to re-create one you’ve taken together previously! Don’t have one? Start a new tradition! Bring in a photographer to take a beautiful family portrait to display in your space.Have a photo party!Photo Credit: Spotted Banana Creative Studio
      • Scavenger hunt shenanigans: Create a fun scavenger hunt for your kiddos to find clues leading to special treats and presents! The longer the hunt, the more fun to be had!
      • Digi-party anyone? Have your family tune in from across the world via Zoom or FaceTime! Take it to the next level by ordering food, cake, or snacks for your family members abroad to enjoy on party day.
      • Drive-by parade: Have family members celebrate your littles by decorating their cars (to your child’s favorite theme) and host a drive-by parade outside your home for them!
      • Luxury slumber parties: Pitch mini tents for each of the kiddos to sleep under at the best sleepover ever! Level-up each sleeping space with spa kits for every guest to enjoy!

        Have a luxury slumber party, complete with spa kits for each guest!

Party Location Ideas

When a party at home seems too claustrophobic…

  • Outdoor venues* like parks, pavilions, campgrounds, etc.
  • Rent a movie theater
  • Book a private room at your child’s favorite restaurant
  • Buy an experience (a private tour, a paintball session, a luxury picnic, a few lanes at your local bowling alley, etc.)

Party Safety Tips for Larger Parties

For those larger events requiring more space than you have at home!

  • Have a personalized mask/sanitizer favor for each of your guests, with sanitization stations and disinfecting wipes made available for everyone to use.
  • Help your guests keep their distance with colored masks or bracelets to show others how comfortable they are socializing! (For example, green means “Approach me”, yellow means “I’d love to say hello to one at a time”, red means “I’m at-risk” or “Please keep your distance!”

    Having multi-colored bracelets like these can help distinguish how much involvement in mingling guests want to have!
  • Hold your event outdoors, if possible. Otherwise, limit one household to each table (i.e. assign your guests’ seating)
  • Avoid having places that will get crowded easily (buffet tables, bathroom lines, etc.)
  • Keep food on disposable plates/cups to avoid contamination! Use toothpicks and other means to ensure no one is touching utensils used by others.
  • Wrap disposable plasticware in napkins so each guest touches their own set only.
  • Opt for cupcakes or cookies instead of slicing a large cake. Single-use, and no utensils are needed!

    Cupcakes like these are so safe to share with others–and easier to clean up!
  • At-risk family members can still be part of the festivities by scheduling a private Zoom or FaceTime call with the Guest of Honor during the party!

Use any combination of the above party hacks to keep your kids’ parties fresh and fun! You can still give your kids the best celebrations while staying safe. We’re not out of the woods yet–so stay safe and party on!

Melissa Klatt is a Certified Event Planner and Owner of MK Events. She’s been designing, planning, and coordinating stress-free events in the Akron/Canton area and beyond since 2020!

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