Fantastic Fireworks On the Water

Fantastic Fireworks over the MWCD water this July 2022- an extraordinary experience to share with family and friends!

Enjoying the Outdoors is brought to you in partnership with Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) will Enjoy Fireworks on Saturday, July 2, 2022 at Atwood, Charles Mill, Seneca, and Tappan Lakes. Fireworks will begin the spectacular sky show by shooting off at dusk for all to see.  There is a special gate admission on dates with Fireworks for $15 per vehicle.

Independence Day weekend is quickly approaching and families and friends can now create beautiful memories at one of MWCD’s parks.  There are numerous activities planned at the parks during the weekend.  Take the kids out on the water, biking, hiking, cooking over a fire and practice gratitude for our country while out in nature.  

This is the perfect year to start a new tradition of traveling to the lake to celebrate!  While sitting around the fire and telling old family stories, new ones are sure to be created as well.  

MWCD’s Firework displays are absolutely memorable and stunning.  There is a variety of colors, shapes, and types of fireworks along with an amazing finale as the colored lights reflect off of the water.

Parks have an abundance of planned activities including nature hikes, crafts for children and adults, WhoaZone, DJ, Bike and Golf Cart Parade, movies, spike ball, corn hole and can jam.  Check out the schedule for Atwood Lake, Pleasant Hill Lake, Tappan Lake, and Seneca Lake.

There are tremendous spots to watch the show from being out on the water, to the beaches or at your campsite!

Be sure to brush up on Firework Safety here and let the experts handle the show!

Tips for kids: 

  • Bring sound canceling headphones if they are not use to loud noises.
  • Print off a FREE 4th of July Scavenger hunt or coloring pages.
  • Visit a Dollar Store and purchase glow sticks.
  • Download a great 4th of July song playlist.
  • Let the kids watch Sesame Street’s 4th of July clips before the weekend!
  • Play games like Patriotic Bingo, or Fourth of July Eye Spy!
  • *Note- Fireworks at Pleasant Hill Lake Park will be on Saturday, July 16 as part of the much anticipated Christmas in July festivities! T

Looking Ahead

Yoga at Atwood Lake Beach on July 30 & Aug. 27
Fireworks at Pleasant Hill Lake Park will be on Saturday, July 16 as part of Christmas in July festivities! 
Elvis Tribute Show at Pleasant Hill Lake Park July 9th
Doctor Insecta Bug Show at Pleasant Hill Lake Park July 23
Taste the Outdoors at Pleasant Hill Lake Park July 30
Receive program alerts straight to your phone, by texting the appropriate keyword below to 888777ATWOODEVENTS

Responsible stewards dedicated to providing the benefits of flood reduction, conservation and recreation in the Muskingum River Watershed. The MWCD is the largest conservancy district in the state and led the effort to construct 14 dams and reservoirs. The MWCD has jurisdiction for its operations in all or portions of an 18-county area. The 18 counties wholly or partially contained in the MWCD jurisdiction are Ashland, Belmont, Carroll, Coshocton, Guernsey, Holmes, Harrison, Knox, Licking, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Richland, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, Wayne, and Washington.

Mrs TAZ- Reporting Fantastic Fireworks at MWCD

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