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Featured Mompreneur: Life Coach, Lauren Masidonski

Life Coach, Lauren Masidonski is helping busy moms find clarity and get unstuck. Watch our interview with Lauren and learn more in this week’s episode!

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My story begins with a divorce while raising two small girls. Being a single mom is no easy task, and I knew my girls deserved the best version of me. So, I shifted my perspective to view the situation as an opportunity for growth and development.

To my surprise, they gave me strength I did not know I had to aspire for a better relationship with my future self and eventual partner. I would set an example for my daughters – I would show them that they are capable of the many things they may put their creative minds to so I dove head-first into the challenge. I actively prioritized my mindset and physical health and I gave more consideration to abundance and bringing good things into my life.

A Journey to Self Discovery

Journaling one day at a time brought me into a deeper sense of self awareness and reflection that opened my eyes to my hidden “superpowers.” Slowly but surely, my true, authentic self began to show through. It was thrilling to naturalize my potential, but there had to be more. “Past-Lauren” felt alone and broken, unable to achieve more love, joy, and abundance. I continually went back to her struggles and promised I would not leave her behind. She would act as an example of hope for others. Someone out there had to feel the same as I had.

Nine years ago, I realized it was my passion to share this life-changing truth with other women with big aspirations who experienced similar feelings of being “stuck.” I took this new conviction in me and got certified as a professional life coach.

My interactions with clients have continued to strengthen my areas of personal growth. The beauty of development is that it is a journey best traveled with others. I have kept the promise I made to myself nine years ago. I now stand tall, linking arms with empowered women who are working together every day to grow, level up, and enjoy the gifts of this life together. My friend, you are worthy of becoming the woman you are meant to be.

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