How To Create Lasting Memories with Your Kids

How To Create Lasting Memories with Your Kids – One of the biggest goals a parent aspires to achieve is giving their kids the best childhood ever. Learn more about the different ways you can build lasting memories with your kids right here on Newsymom!

There’s a secret to creating awesome memories with your kids… Before you ask, no, it doesn’t have to be expensive! Kids are curious by nature, actively exploring their surroundings with eyes open wide. Doing activities that help to spark their imaginations, open their minds, and teach them new things will have those memories locked in forever!

Here’s a few ideas to get you and your kids engaged and make lasting memories:

Free Community Events

Your community is chock full of events you can enjoy with your children, most of them being free (or very low-cost)! Check the city, your children’s school, the local library, malls, and other organizations to find the latest happenings you can enjoy with your kids. They’ll be so excited to explore more of the great things happening in their community, and you’ll be happy you’re saving that money in your wallet!

Another resource for finding events is right here at Newsymom!

Click on the county where you reside for the events nearest you:

Local Attractions

Did you know many local attractions have special discounts for residents of their city? You’d be surprised at the hidden treasures you have tucked inside your community! Make sure to look into these attractions in your area:

Visit their website or call and ask if they have special rates for residents!


Though vacations are SO much fun, they take a lot of planning, time, and money! You don’t have to go on expensive trips to create lasting memories.
A Night in at Home

You can have so much fun, right in the comfort of your own home! Try doing any (or all) of these things will get your kids so excited, they’ll never want to leave:

  • Cooking meals together, especially using that barely-touched grill outdoors!
  • Have a water day outside: Break out the pool, sprinkler, water balloons, water blasters, or use the good ol’ reliable hose to have endless fun!
  • Watching the latest movie at home via a platform like Vudu. (Bonus tip: Convert your living room or outdoor living space into a relaxing retreat, filled with comfortable seating, snacks, a projector, or even a fort!)
  • Board game night: Perfect for the older kids. Keep your phones away and play some family favorite board games for maximum fun!
  • Party at home! Invite your closest family and friends to enjoy good food, great conversation, and even better company.

It doesn’t take rocket science to create a safe, enjoyable experience for your kids to let loose the tension and have some fun! Listen to your kids’ likes and dislikes and make a plan to regularly fit in family time. Your family unit is the most sacred thing in the world–enjoy every moment!

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