Finding the Treasure!

Wow, can I be the first to admit that my mind is extremely overloaded??  It’s not just the COVID-19 turmoil, but everything that wearing multiple hats has to offer!  Before this pandemic even hit, I was still in the struggle of finding U in my FOCUS.  As parents we are constantly juggling the kiddos needs and desires that the U falls by the wayside.  I have to admit that the majority of my stress is self-induced.  I hold myself to high standards, on top of recognizing the strength and knowledge needed to make it in this world, I want to do all that I can to prepare my children.  I am a progressive, big picture, over analyzer! lolol It can really be a great gift, but can also drive you crazy!

I wanted to share with you 2 things that really help to reposition my feet on solid ground and my mind in a state of peace and gratefulness.

  1. Past Experiences:  God has allowed me to endure many situations over the years.  Some self-initiated and others were out of my control.  Either way, I made it through.  I’m still here to fight another battle and enjoy another blessing.  Believe me, there were times when I didn’t think that I could make it.  I questioned how “strong” God really thought I was because I didn’t think I was in agreeance.  Ultimately, He was right and He was there in the midst of every situation working things out.  Some people believe that everything has to turn out positive in order for you to feel like it turned out “right”, but that’s the perfect segue to my next coping strategy.
  2. Perspective:  Due to the fact that I have made it through every tough and seemingly impossible situation in my life, I have developed a new mindset when dealing with life’s twists and turns, ups and downs.  I take a tip from the one liner in Ice Cube’s song, “chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self!”  :).  I step back and I check my perspective before I allow myself to enter that oh so familiar place of panic.  I ask myself 4 questions and tell myself 1 reassuring comment.
    • Can I control what’s going on?
    • What can I do manage the situation?
    • What lesson can I learn from this situation?
    • What goodness can I find in this situation?
    • I made it before and I will make it out again.

COVID-19 has resulted in an abundance of rapid changes in many avenues of life, but it has also given me reassurance that all is not lost with mankind.  As generations die off, it really made me wonder if we were losing values, character, love, kindness and that “it takes a village” mentality.  At times it seems like the world has turned so self-centered and money focused, but this pandemic brought about many people and organizations reaching out to help.  There are so many food assistance programs, home schooling ideas, free subscriptions, online workout programs etc, that it makes my head spin!! There has been such an outpouring of resources and recommendations that my heart just smiles while my brain tries to organize it all lolol.  Here again, what we initially seen as tragedy could very well be what God is using to get us back on track, so “chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self.”  Keep pushing, we got this!



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