Guest Article – J&M Mentoring Spotlight

In April of 2019, we were at a local Juvenile attention center, a young man came in and as we got to know him we realized like so many others he didn’t belong there.

He needed guidance, he needed direction, he needed support! The more we talked about it the more we realized, how much better he and so many others would be served outside the walls of the center.

With that, the idea of J & M Mentoring was born.

Jordan and I (Matthew Stevens). are two from two different worlds, so we knew right away we could bring diversity to the table. Jordan is a life-long resident of Tuscarawas county, I moved here so my daughter could continue in the school district she loves so much.

We both have the drive to help children, we are different in the way we approached helping young people. We sat down and figured out the basics, what qualities did we both instill in the kids we worked with after we had that we could develop our program. Instilling trust, building confidence, developing a support system and helping young people to have a positive role in the group were things we did consistently day after day, it was these lessons that had the greatest impact.

Our community-based program takes an individualized approach to help youth at a pace that works for them. We are currently serving youth in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties, encouraging young people to Be Amazing, Be You!

For more information please visit our website at or visit us on Facebook!


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