Healthy Tip Tuesday: Don’t forget the Batteries!

Did you know every year more than 2,500 batteries are swallowed each year by children 18 years old and young? The younger children ingest the button battery. You know the one that looks like a quarter and powers items such as bathroom scales, watches, and flameless candles. Read on to learn more tips on how to prevent our children from swallowing the batteries, and what to do if they get ahold of them.

Healthy Tip Tuesday comes to you in partnership with Trinity Hospital Twin City.

Tips for Prevention:
  • Make sure the batteries are up high out of reach.
  • Lock them up safely from younger children once they are old enough to reach those higher places.
  • Talk to your older children about what batteries are used for and where to put them in toys and devices.
  • Share with your children how to handle batteries with care and caution.
  • Buy safe toys that do not have easy access to batteries.
What to do if you suspect one is swallowed, put in nose, or ear:
  • Go to the nearest emergency room.
  • Call the National Battery Ingestion Hotline with any questions at 800-498-8666.
  • Watch for symptoms such as nose bleeds, pain, excessive coughing, or vomiting.

Permanent damage from swallowing a button battery can happen in as little as two hours. It is always better to be safe when it comes to our curious toddlers. If you have any other questions about battery safety and children you can always reach out to your doctor.

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