Healthy Tip Tuesday- Monitoring the Noise Level of Children’s Toys

With the holiday season in full swing, most of our children have gotten some sort of toy that makes too much noise and is too loud. Did you know that it is important to monitor the noise level of their toys?

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Many of us as parents of toddlers often say to ourselves, “That toy is really loud!” But often we do not do much about it besides turning the volume down to the lowest setting.  However, often the lowest setting is not quiet enough. The Sight and Hearing Association tell us that there are some toddler and children’s toys are too loud for their developing ears. They have shared a list of 2020’s loudest toys. The CDC gives us insight into repeated exposure to loud children’s toys can contribute to the cause of hearing loss in our youth.

After reviewing the list of the noisiest toys the Sight and Hearing Association suggests not only turning the volume down on the toy but also putting a piece of clear plastic packaging tape over the speaker. Also, limiting your toddler and young child’s time with electronic or noise-making toys. Encourage them to interact with blocks, cups, craft, cars and trains, or get outside if the weather is nice. If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing please contact their primary care physician.

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