Healthy Tip Tuesday- Fueling Your Healthy Heart

We have learned a lot about our hearts over the last month, and finally, we are going to talk about fueling your healthy heart. Our heart gets its energy from the food we feed it, so keep reading to discover what are some foods to keep in the house, and things we might want to steer away from.

This weeks’ Healthy Tip Tuesday is brought to you in partnership with Trinity Hospital Twin City.

We know it can be tricky with kids in the house to eat “healthy foods”, but we know it is just as important for them to eat fruits and vegetables as it is for adults to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. The CDC shares strategies for a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle, and what your diet looks like is a part of that lifestyle campaign.

Trying to add more fruits and vegetables is always a great goal, but how do we do that with kids?

  • Introduce the foods as part of the colors of the rainbow and engage your child in the conversation at dinner about the foods.
  • “Sneak” the fruits and veggies into soups, sauces, meatloaves, and casseroles
  • Try using dip during snack time. It could be hummus ranch, yogurt, or peanut butter. Whatever works for your family!

There are few other small tips that could go a long way for a healthy heart.

  • Give seeds and nuts as a snack. The American Heart Association can’t say enough good things about seeds and nuts!
  • Watch out for sodium (salt) in meals. The average American consumes 3,400 mg of sodium a day, and the Dietary Guidelines recommend less than 2,300 mg per day.
  • Add more water to your day and try to reduce sugary drinks.

If you are looking to make any changes to your diet and need more direction or have questions never hesitate to reach out to your physician.

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