How an Egg Can Get Your Child Talking About Diversity

If you’re unsure how to open the conversation about diversity and anti-racism with your child, the best way is through an egg.

Parents today have to begin talking to their children about diversity. It may seem like a hard topic, but it’s crucial in helping them become anti-racist grown ups. The sooner you begin these talks, the more they’ll be able to understand and contribute to the conversation.

There are many ways to begin family activities and conversations about these topics. One fun way to start is by two eggs. Yes! That’s all you’ll need for a meaningful conversation to stick.

At the store, buy brown and white eggs. The next time you cook or want to begin this activity get them out.

For each child, have them explain the differences of the eggs. Talk about their size, color, and encourage them to talk about what makes them difference. A great way to get this information to stick and make it education is to have them write down their thoughts too.

Then, ask them their thoughts about what’s on the inside of both eggs.

If they’d like, they can write down their predictions and then share before cracking the eggs open. Again, as much as this activity is about diversity, it’s a great way to introduce them to making predictions too.

Of course, when the eggs crack open, they’ll be able to see they’re the same on the inside.

After you discuss their findings, turn the conversation to diversity in people. There’s an endless amount of differences in humans, but on the inside, we’re all just people.

Check out books about diversity to continue this conversation and remind them about the eggs.

If you give this one a try we want to know how it goes for you! Send your feedback, photos, etc. to


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