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How to Deal with Excessive Amounts of Children’s Toys

There is no denying that due to all of the gifts on birthdays and holidays your home can become overloaded with children’s toys.

No matter how specific you are about gifting, there will always be a well-meaning friend or relative who will opt to pass over your requests. Hosting a birthday party is also going to result in an abundance of gifts.

But what can you do when your child has more toys than they can play with or show any interest in? Many parents worldwide have ideas, suggestions, and theories on how you can solve this age-old question. But there is always a solution to the problem of an excess of toys that can be perfect for you.

Hide Them Away

If your child has only shown an interest in specific toys they have been gifted, keep anything they haven’t played with still in a sealed box and hide them away. Should your child ask for them at a later date, then you can get the gift out for them to play with. It will feel like they are continually getting gifts without you having to buy them anything.

It may even be the case; you can use unopened toys to give to your other children or to friends birthdays to avoid the need to buy new gifts so you can avoid them being left untouched in a cupboard.

Rotate Their Toys

If hiding away unopened toys isn’t possible, then have a rota system that allows you to swap in new, unplayed toys, so your child always has something different to play with. Be it super wings astro space plane, a Hot Wheels Track or the ever-popular Paw Patrol mighty Lookout Tower. This option can keep the toys fresh and always fun to play with despite them not being new.


Mostly popular for duplicates, but this is a great idea for unloved toys that are still in great condition. Arrange with family members or friends, and when one toy falls out of favor and relatives or friends children ask for the same thing, you can re-gift it to them and create a little circle to make sure toys are still used and played with. They can keep coming back to your child if they suddenly decide they want one or for younger children who might show interest at a later date.


Toy donations to shelters, women refuge charities, and more will always be grateful for donations for toys that other children will get some joy out of. Sadly there are always children whose parents won’t be able to provide them with luxuries such as the top-of-the-range toys or the new latest craze. Donating toys that are in good condition can be a way to help those less fortunate.

Ensuring you are regularly keeping a check on what toys your child does and doesn’t play with can help you to avoid the dreaded toy overwhelm and stop any excess toys from becoming damaged from misuse or not being stored properly.

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