Hunger Task Force is at work in Stark County

The Hunger Task Force is at work in Stark County if you need food for your kiddos this spring break or have extra time you’d like to share.

Officials say the Backpack for Kids program is a well-established part Hunger Task Force in Stark County.  This organization has been helping serve the community for the past 40 years.  The program helps feed children on the weekend when there are no school breakfast or lunches.   If you have children home from school this spring break, the emergency food program will be open to help.  If you would like to receive a backpack filled with breakfast and lunch, a parent or guardian must wear a mask, keep social distance, show a Photo ID and pick up a ticket to go to the pantry at Ken Weber Community Campus Goodwill located at 408 Ninth Street SW, Canton, OH 44707.  This is open to all Stark County, Ohio district students.

The pantry hours are:

  • Monday 9:15am-2:35pm
  • Tuesday 9:15am-2:35pm
  • Wednesday 9:15am-3:35pm
  • Thursday 9:15am-1:35pm,
  • Friday 9:15am-1:35pm

Stephanie Sweany, Executive Assistant Director of the Hunger Force in Stark County, expressed “We will be releasing details of the summer backpack program soon.”  Follow them on facebook to stay up to date!

If you would like to become a Backpack for Kids Sponsor you can visit their website here.  The cost is $10 per month to sponsor 1 child for 1 month but one is able to sponsor your choice of children, or even a school.  Becoming a Backpack for Kids Program Volunteer or a Pantry Volunteer  for the Hunger Task Force in Stark County is also an option as there are 30 pantries in the area which needs assistance.  If interested in volunteering complete this form, call Stephanie Sweany at 330-455-6667 or e-mail



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