Including You – Local SSAs are ready to help

There are local advocates ready to serve people with developmental disabilities from early childhood through their adult lives.

Including You is brought to you by the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabiliites

Service and Support Administrators provide the primary function of county Developmental Disabilities boards across the state of Ohio. An SSA’s position fulfills an essential need as they advocate for people with developmental disabiliites, help to secure funding for services and support that they need daily, work with them individually to identify goals, and work to ensure that health and safety needs are met.

From offering guidance and support for families during life transitions such as pre-k to school age, school age to young adulthood, and so on to securing appropriate funding mechanisms for the services and supports individuals need, SSAs are critical.

“SSAs play a big role in advocating for people with developmental disabiliites. We advocate for many things, one being that people are people first,” explained Ray Snyder, TuscBDD Service and Support Administrator. “People are not defined by their disabiliity. I like being able to advocate and help people. It gives me job in being able ot help people to reach their goals and dreams by connecting them to resources that will help them get there.”

Within the TuscBDD agency, there are twenty individuals dedicated to fulfilling the role of SSAs. They assist over 600 people with developmental disabiliites and their families to identify and acquire appropriate services and supports. People can choose services for themselves among a variety of resources. An SSA fulfills the following duties and more:

  • Provides support to link individuals to the services and supports they need.
  • Helps discover what is important to the person.
  • Provides advocacy to safeguard rights, interests, and choices of people served.
  • Monitors and works closely with agencies and organizations that provide services to individuals with developmental disabiliites.
  • Helps people to figure out what they want out of life and works with the person to set goals.
  • Helps young families that are just receiving a diagnosis to navigate through the multitude of service systems that often can overwhelm them.
  • Coordiantes transportation for people to utilize for their jobs.

For more information on SSAs and other local resources available to individuals with developmental disabiliites, visit



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