It’s That Time of Year Again: Take the Shot

Now that the month has transitioned into mid-September, it is time for the chillier days and nights and lovely cold and flu season. With COVID on the rise again times are a little worrisome for people. The good about flu season is there is a prevention method everyone can take to help reduce the number of cases of the flu and the severity of symptoms. Read on to learn why it’s important to get a flu shot, where you can get it, and who can get the shot.

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Why is the shot so important?
  • The flu shot is a prevention measure, and just like with all other prevention methods it can be key.
    • Reduces the likelihood that a person will get the flu
    • If one does get the flu the person will be less likely to need hospitalization or medication
    • Everyone that can get the flu shot helps protect others that are unable to get the shot due to a number of reasons.
So where can you get the shot?
  • Trinity Health Systems primary care physicians offices
  • Local health departments will traditionally flu shot clinic
  • Pharmacies
  • Keep an eye for various events publicized by Newsymom that may have a health clinic component to them, and involve the opportunity to get a flu shot.

Who can get the shot?

  • Children 6 months and older
  • Adults- unless: a person has severe reactions to vaccines or any of the components that make up the vaccine. A person can find the list here on the CDC website.

A person should talk with their doctor if they have had reactions in the past to a flu shot, have a severe egg allergy or have Guillain-Barré Syndrome. It is also important to note that the CDC reports a person does not have to wait 14 days between their COVID vaccine and their flu shot.

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