Legislation Banning Crib Bumpers is Effective

A big change at a number of big name stores, effective April 6, 2017. Crib bumper sales are now banned.

The legislation, which was passed last year as part of Senate Bill 332, prohibits the sale of any non-mesh crib liners in the state of Ohio.

According to a press release issued by the Tuscarawas County Health Department, the language of the legislation sites “crib bumper pad,” meaning any padding material, including a roll of stuffed fabric that is designed for placement within a crib to cushion one or more of the crib’s inner sides adjacent to the crib mattress.

“Crib bumper pad” excludes a mesh crib liner. Mesh liner sales will be permitted for at least the next three years.

Officials note in the release, that not only can companies no longer sell non-mesh bumper pads, sales are prohibited at yard sales and second hand stores.

If you have solid material bumper pads, you should destroy them immediately.

Statistics show solid bumper pads can hinder an infant’s breathing and even kill the child. Again, mesh material crib sides are still allowed to be used.
On average, three babies die every week in Ohio from Sudden Infant Death Syndromr (SIDS) due to unsafe sleep invitinments.

Also noted in the release, is the Tuscarawas County Health Department’s safe sleeping education program and Pack N Play beds for qualifying families through the “Cribs for Kids” initiative.

For more information visit the Tuscarawas County Health Department’s website.

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