Do you have a preteen or teenager? Are you wondering if vaccinations, specifically HPV vaccines, are safe for your child?

If so, the Centers for Disease Control nd Prevention is offering another #PreTeenVaxScene webinar to share information about vaccines, what they do and if they are safe!

Officials specifically spend a lot of time discussing the HPV Vaccine. They note the large amount of uncertainty found in parents when it comes to whether or not to get their child vaccinated.

In a recent #PreTeenVaxScene webinar, officials noted that when looking at today’s population of girls, ages 12 and younger will experience 53,000  cervical cancer cases. CDC experts note those cases could be prevented with the HPV vaccine.

The latest webinar is set to take place Monday, May 8th from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm ET.

You can also find past webinars via YouTube.

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