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Meet, Janelle Cline.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio is made up of dedicated individuals from all backgrounds and industries. Janelle Cline, with the KIKO Company, is one of the many that continue to be passionate about the organization’s mission.

Mentor Mondays is brought to you by Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio.

Janelle lives in the Atwood Lake area with her husband, Curt, and their three children Logan, Olivia, and Carson. She has been associated with BBBS for just over three years and has been a member of the board for 1 1/2 years. Janelle became affiliated with the organization while serving on the Fund Committee with her previous employer. A spot opened up on the board and as they say, the rest is history.

“I was a big sister when I was 18,” explained Janelle. I have always felt very highly of the BBBS organization. I love what they stand for [and] I enjoy having a part in helping kids in our community.”

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She explained that the organization is critical noting that kids need an organization that gives them the chance to have someone to look up to that maybe they didn’t have before joining BBBS. “I believe they have a great impact on the lives of children involved,” she added. “That’s the same for the adults involved as well. They give the local youth events to attend to keep them busy, offer guidance, and make an impact on so many lives.”

She added that she is dedicated to doing her part as a board member to continue to bring more awareness to the organization. “It’s not an organization that only ‘trouble’ kids can be involved with. It’s not about that. This gives kids a chance to have someone they can go to for advice, attend events, and hopefully one day be a big themselves.”

She also noted the hard work of the BBBS staff does not go unnoticed. “Putting in long hours during the week and most of the time on the weekends,” she explained. “Always working on making things better for the bigs and littles. I personally want to thank them for being so dedicated.”

For more information about how you can become involved with BBBS, visit them online here.

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