Mentor Mondays – The Waiting Littles of Match Madness

In July 2020, Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio launched a special campaign called Match Madness. Throughout that month, they had the crazy, ambitious, and important goal of making 10 matches. And they succeeded!

Mentor Mondays is brought to you by Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio.

During the Match Madness campaign, the agency’s waiting list of 26 children was decreased by 11 due to individuals in the community who stepped up and stepped in. In just that one month, over 10 children were able to become a part of a positive, impactful mentoring relationship.


Now, in 2021, there are currently 23 Littles on the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ waiting list, and the agency needs your help to find a mentor for these children.



Four biographies for children waiting to meet their Big are included below. Do you believe YOU can make a difference in one of their lives, or do you know someone who may be a good fit as a Big Brother or Big Sister?


Jack is a 12-year-old boy from Carroll County, Ohio. Jack enjoys technology, video games, football, and being active. His favorite football team is the Cleveland Browns. Jack’s father would like a mentor for him who can support him in building self-confidence and learning patience. A mentor can also assist him academically through helping with schoolwork, especially in handwriting. Jack wants to be in the military when he grows up. He would like a Big Brother who has an interest in technology and who can cheer on the Cleveland Browns alongside him.


Alec is a 12-year-old boy in the Dover, Ohio area. Alec needs a male mentor who has a passion for working with children with special needs as he has multiple mental health diagnoses and a history of trauma and abuse. Alec enjoys hands-on activities, games, and being active. He feels most comfortable following a schedule and set rules. Alec likes to have fun and would love to have a Big Brother to talk to and spend time with. A mentor can role model positive social interactions and appropriate expression of emotions for Alec. He can also use assistance with school performance. Alec is best described as outgoing, friendly, and talkative. He will relate best to an active mentor.


A Black, male mentor is needed for an 8-year-old boy who enjoys being outdoors, participating in sports, and playing video games. This Little resides in the Dover, Ohio area. He is looking for a Big Brother to spend time with as he only has female influences in his life. He can benefit from a mentor who can model appropriate behavior and respect toward others. This mentor’s schedule would need to allow for consistent meetings to provide stability within the mentoring relationship. This child will work best with an individual who is comfortable working with a child who comes from a home with a history of substance abuse. This child feels the best Big for him “is funny, laughs a lot, and tells good jokes.” A mentor who can be supportive and encouraging can assist this Little with building self-confidence.


Lexi is a 13-year old girl who resides in the Twin City area. She is interested in animals, fishing, basketball, choir, and volleyball. An ideal mentor is someone who has a heart for interacting with teenagers. This Little can show growth through having a mentor who will assist with navigating teen years and middle school. This child recently lost a parent and can use support in coping and dealing with grief. A Big Sister who can assist with academic performance and who can model positive, healthy friendships will be the best fit for Lexi. Lexi can benefit from participating in activities with a positive adult and being provided with opportunities to have fun in safe, appropriate environments.


Are you looking for an opportunity to support a child? Do you know someone capable of igniting the power and promise of our youth? If you’re unable to become a Big, would you consider defending potential through adopting a match?

You can call the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ office at 330-339-6916 or find out more at

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