Mentor Mondays – Match Madness

It’s time for another year of Match Madness at Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio. You may be asking yourself, what is Match Madness? This campaign was created to find mentors for the children on the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ waiting list. Currently, there are 28 children waiting to meet their Big.

What Is the Goal?

The goal of Match Madness is to match 10 kids from the waiting list during the month of July. As Mentoring Specialists at the agency make an average of 1-2 matches each month, making 10 matches is an ambitious endeavor.

Who Is on the Waiting List?

The waiting list is made up of boys and girls ages 7 through 16. They reside in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties. Currently, the waiting list mostly consists of boys between the ages of 11 and 15. Children are referred to the program by parents and guardians, teachers, counselors, and other community agencies, and they are enrolled into the program due to needing assistance in a large variety of areas, such as self-confidence, social skills, school performance, academic performance, coping skills, or avoidance of risky behaviors. All children in the program can benefit from the support and guidance of a positive, adult role model.

Why Is There a Waiting List?

When children are enrolled in the program, both the child and parent participate in an in-depth interview. This is how Mentoring Specialists come to understand the strengths, personality, history, and goals of each child in the program. Once interviewed, the matching process beings. Much thought and consideration goes into making a match between a Big and a Little. This is because the goal of the agency is to create and support positive, successful relationships that are long-lasting. If there is not a mentor available who meets a child’s unique needs and interests, that child is placed on the waiting list until that mentor is found.

What Was the Outcome of the 2020 Match Madness Campaign?

In July 2020, there was an increase in individuals who applied to become mentors, and the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ staff was able to end the wait for 11 children on the waiting list.

How Many Children Have Been Matched So Far This Year?

At this time, 3 matches have been made. The wait ended for one boy on the waiting list when he met his mentor. Joe and Hayden’s match was made official on July 21st, 2021. These two were matched due to having similar interests and hobbies and also because Hayden needs a positive, male figure in his life. Joe is a consistent, dependable individual who will encourage Hayden in his goals and defend his potential. This Big and Littles are excited to learn more about one another and share in new experiences together. The match has been adopted by Republic State Mortgage.












How Can You Help?

You can help make Match Madness a success through becoming a Big! Bigs are asked to make an 18-month commitment and spend a minimum of four hours a month with a Little. Volunteers complete an application, participate in an interview, and agree to a multi-layer background check. Through each step of the enrollment and matching process, volunteers are supported by a Mentoring Specialist. At Big Brothers Big Sisters, they understand that it can be a big decision to become a mentor, so they are there to answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure the experience is fun and rewarding.

As the waiting list consists mostly of teenage boys, there is a great need for male mentors at this time.

If you’re looking to contribute to the campaign in a different way, you can adopt a match. Sponsorships levels include supporting a match for 1 month at $100, 3 months at $300, and 6 months for $600. Those who adopt matches receive recognition through matches photos, company logos and tags on Facebook, and the company name listed on the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ website.

Whether you are adopting a match, making the commitment to be a Big, participating in Match Madness events and fundraisers, or just spreading the word about Big Brothers Big Sisters, you are helping #endthewait for children on the waiting list.

Fore more information, you can visit or call (330) 339-6916.

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