Moms Need The LifeVac Choking Device In Their Arsenal

Moms Need The LifeVac Choking Device In Their Arsenal – The LifeVac choking device has proven multiple times that we need to equip it in our arsenal. When a choking accident happens in your home, be prepared to get it out quickly! Check out the video proof on this Newsymom-approved product right here on Newsymom!

The LifeVac choking device is a godsend for us moms. As a mom, you know the constant anxiety worrying about your little ones as they grow–and eat! We do everything we can to prevent choking like cutting up their food into tiny bites and reminding our kids to slow down and chew, but the probability of a choking incident in your home is always there. (I’ve had three myself in the four years my daughter’s been alive!)

The LifeVac choking device needs to be added to your first aid kit (or carried around with you in a diaper bag or purse)! We’ve made it even easier for you to get it, like now! Click the link below to add it to your cart:

LifeVac Choking Device 

Don’t just take our word for it; There’s evidence of its success in action:
(Warning, watching choking scenes might be triggering.)

This Florida mom saves her two-year-old son with LifeVac

This ten-month-old baby was saved by a bystander with his LifeVac while choking on a piece of pancake

This mom saves her choking infant son with LifeVac

Don’t wait another second: Add the LifeVac choking device to your shopping cart, learn how to use it, and save lives!

LifeVac Choking Device 

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