My Child’s Innocence: A Mother’s Raw Emotions Following the Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Why am I going to be forced to take my child’s innocence away?

Why do we have to teach her before she goes to kindergarten what to do if there is an active shooter? She will be 5-years-old, she shouldn’t have to bear that burden.

Why do Katie and I have to play Russian roulette with our daughter’s life every time we send her to school?


Why is this becoming an epidemic and we’re not doing anything about it?

Yes teach your kids, yes it starts at home…teach them about safety when it comes to guns, pray for them etc., but I’m going to say it and its going to piss many people off…THAT SHIT IS NOT WORKING!!

There are far too many outside factors these days. 20 years ago it worked, today it doesn’t.

It just doesn’t.

What’s the answer?

I really don’t know, but being a realist I see what the constant factors are in EVERY single one of these shootings. Something has to be done.

Semi auto guns need to be illegal. Period.

We as a whole are not responsible or stable enough to have them. We need stricter gun regulations because, again, we as a whole cannot be trusted to take care of our own homes.

We just cant.

20 years ago a totally different story, but today we are failing.

My heart breaks thinking of our future and what our daughter will have to endure. Can we please just try to work toward some kind of solution to this frightening epidemic.?


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